Now to be honest, im having a bit too much fun with it. I have been just sending people viZings (what they call the actual post) and everyone has found it to be such a fun idea! I hope it does get popular! With more people, more video clips, more creativity! 

Vizlingo takes a short message (in many cases i would imagine status updates) and associates them with short 1-2 second video clips, making a small montage! its very clever and with more video clips available after this beta release, i can see many people letting out their fun creative side with this site =D 

So i start my few day long video review of Vizlingo! i think its safe to say it speaks for itself! AWESOME! 


xkcd: Google+

kind of how i felt when i tried to explain to my friend what Google+ really was haha! 


xkcd: Google+

kind of how i felt when i tried to explain to my friend what Google+ really was haha! 


Teleport desktop work to your phone using only the built-in camera…dang…

a very cool technology indeed! 
if you have a mic, give this a shot! 

if you have a mic, give this a shot! 

VizLingo, a website that i came across and have been watching develop since the site was announced went beta and lucky me got to get in on the fun! And of course what better way to try it out than to post a viZing (What they call their messages) than with my love for my iPhone! Check it out! 

REVIEW: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (Verizon Wireless)

Okay, im not a huge gamer, (i mainly play angry birds haha) but when Sony Ericsson released the Xperia Play (the Playstation Phone) i had to go to my local Verizon Wireless store to play around with it! 

My main quarrel when i was expecting to actually get the phone in my hands is, how is the graphics. I’m not really going to into much detail with the phone aspect of the Xperia Play cause, lets be real, the user will be gaming, not texting. 

but for the sake of fairness here are some quick notes for you fellow geeks!

1GHZ snapdragon processor

Android 2.2 with Xperia overlay

4inch LCD capacitive touchscreen. 

Verizon 3G Coverage.

Now, lets get to the good stuff! LETS PLAY!  

For you early buyers, the Xperia Play comes preloaded with a few titles ranging from need for speed, underground, to the Sims 3, and Sony is planning to release more titles soon. 

I played Need for Speed, and i must say, graphically, its about the same if not a hair under performs against a standalone PSP, colors popped, and the frame rate was pretty good, and the 1GHZ processor does a good job with loading times. However, since you can multi task with android, be forewarned that many issues like notifications, and background apps will slow down your game play. I kind of wish Sony implemented a process when you launched a game, to kill 3rd party apps in the background for maximum performance, but im sure that would be a big NO-No to all you multi-taskers. The Buttons felt just like a PSP, tactile and comfortable to use, the Select/Start Buttons have drifted to the right and the analog joysticks have been replaced with touch sensitive pads. PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING, the track pads are not very responsive and leads to a very unefficent way of playing these games. I found myself steering in Need for Speed with the D-Pad as opposed to the Touch Circles (i still dont know what to call them haha), luckily you can change the control settings in the game, but try to get used to the touch circles, as some games REQUIRE you to utilize them. 

Overall, the Xperia Play is a pretty decent gaming device, that has been somewhat carelessly fused with a Sony Ericsson Vivaz. 


So start your engines, and get ready to learn to use those Touch Circle things! =P

-MJ (@mobilejunkie101)

REVIEW: Samsung Infuse 4G (at&t)

Okay, this is my second review for an at&t phone (mainly because i got to play with the Veer 4G at the Same time as the Infuse 4G)

I’m an iPhone slave and im very open and okay with that, but i have been trying to find a theoretical android phone that i would totally get in a heartbeat just in case there is a full blue moon, and the iphone no longer dominated. Im sure hell will be a very cold place when that happens, but none the less i think i found my dream android phone with the Infuse 4G. 

Very thin very big! a massive 4.5inch super AMOLED display dominates the front while the traditional android hotkeys sit very sly at the bottom. 

The phone feels very sturdy in the hand. Usually large devices tend to be a physical handful but samsung did a great job keeping it slim and smooth so that i didn’t mind the larger footprint. It feels rather heavy but usually heavy phones leads to a more durable and well made product and Samsung is known for that. 

On the left of the device, you will find your volume rocker, to the right you will see your sleep/wake/power button, and at the top your standard 3.5mm headphone/headset jack. Pretty simple basic stuff! On the back you will find an 8.1 megapixel camera with an LED flash. Pictures came out very clear and vibrant, with very easy to use camera customization functions. this camera can shoot 720p HD video, however i noticed that the videos seems a tad too saturated with color, but that just be my personal taste, and yes, the LED flash can be used as a light for low light video recording. =)

The Infuse is running Android 2.2 and the manager at the at&t store said it will be soon be upgraded to 2.3 (gingerbread) via an OTA update from at&t. He did not disclose a date to me but 2.2 is a pretty sweet OS. 

The one small gripe i have with this phone is Samsung’s touchwiz interface. Its not my personal favorite, i kind of wished they stuck with the core Google interface, or to dream big here, have HTC sence on top of it ;) but that might be asking for too much. Once again, this is personal taste but thanks to the 1GHZ hummingbird processor, the phone is snappy with little to no lag or loading times being longer than a few seconds. 

The Infuse runs on at&t’s HSPA+ 4G network with backhaul, meaning its a faster 3G network (3.5G) with a Lan Broadband backhaul. With these technologies put together, you get 4G Like speeds. 

I live in New York City (staten Island) and the speeds were faster than my iPhone 4 which just runs on plain ol’ 3G so it was refreshing to see slightly faster data speeds. Webpage loads were snappy and videos buffered in its entirety rather quickly. 

What makes this android more special than any other at&t android device is that it allows 3rd party applications that can be sideloaded into the device without any issues from at&t. before, at&t limited android users to just apps that were in the android market (which was fine) but many people who wanted side loaded apps like Swype, was not able to, until now. With this feature being free and unchained by at&t with the Infuse, is a sign that at&t will eventually set their other androids free! 

The Samsung Infuse 4G is available now for $199 with a 2 year service agreement with at&t. 

-MJ (@mobilejunkie101)

Nokia need to play catch-up… and quick!

For all you Nokia fans, im sorry but this may sting. Nokia is really being left in the dust by so many other phones. Mainly because they just wont say good bye to the Symbian OS.

Take the new Nokia Oro:

Its a pretty sweet phone. made with 18ct gold and real leather backing, its very fashion centric and thats great, but look at what its running…. Symbian… 

PLEASE NOKIA, just ditch Symbian already. and quite frankly the fact that this phone is about $1,100 bucks, i would like a feature rich, powerful, and customizable user interface, does any company have an OS like that? 

 «< Oh hello there…

-MJ (@mobilejunkie101)

NEWS: 1/3 of people are on their phones before they get out of bed!

Yes, you read this post correctly, according to an article by GIZMODO 

You can check out the article-> HERE <- 

Ill be honest with ya, i am one of these people who is checking their phone which is on my night stand every night before i even brush my teeth. Its sad but it is really a testament to how much a person can rely on this kind of technology. 

Personally, when i turn on my phone, I’m checking Twitter, Tumblr, than Facebook (It used to be backwards, but lets be real, Facebook is not as amazing as it used to be, im sick and tired of farmville and bejewled blitz…) 

Maybe, just maybe ill spend a day off my phone…. but i highly doubt that is going to happen. =P

NEWS: Is amazon trying to magically glorify the kindle?

I kind of couldnt believe it when i read the article today, but apparently amazon can magically bring more battery life to its someone archaic, in my eyes, amazon kindle. 

The new touch screen B&N Nook was released a few days ago with double the battery life of its biggest competitor, the kindle. But all of a sudden CNET came across a funny change to amazons ebook reader, the battery life has doubled on the spec sheet, 

it seems that amazon is sweating a bit and has come to a quick fix that is kind of going to bite back at them once customers who are heavy readers are not going to get the kind of battery life that is being advertised now. Hopefully for Amazon’s sake, they will do whats right and bring a major refresh to the Kindle, cause we all know it really needs one! 

-MJ (@mobilejunkie101)

Not a shock here, with google checkout being a pretty sweet system for safe and simple online shopping, i would totally want to see how google plans on using NFC (near field Communications) and the major credit companies to help make purchases easier and more shopper friendly!